AKUMA® Abranet



Grain 80 – Item no: AN80
Grain 120 – Item no: AN120
Grain 180 – Item no: AN180
Grain 320 – Item no: AN320


- 4 grain sizes; 80, 120, 180 and 320
- 25 meter
- 38 mm wide
Can be used on wet surfaces. Lasts up to five times longer than regular sanding papers.
Does not clog. Abrasive dust does not stick on the sanding belt.
Can be used on wood, steel, sheet metal, rust and plastics. In other words: practically every material.
We’ve developed a metal rack (Item no: AN Metal Rack) with room for the four different abrasive belts. There’s also space for a label (approx. 20×20 cm)
which – if requested- we can design, print and put on the rack for you.