AKUMA® Hand Riveter


Item No: AK16

Among the shortest handles on the market, but thanks to the patented design, it’s also one of the most powerful heavy duty hand riveter out there right now. The double handles gives you excellent leverage, that reduces stress and fatigue for the operator. The slim body makes it ideal to be used in hard to reach areas.
The jaws are made of Cr-Mo Steel and consists of three parts, which significantly increases its life cycle. The riveter has a cup that collects spent mandrels, that can be used as storage as well. Can be used with Stainless steel rivets.

• 4 nosepieces in sizes: 1/8” (3.2mm), 5/32” (4.0mm), 3/16” (4.8mm)
and 1/4” (6.4mm)
• 1 Wrench
• Weighs 2.2 pounds (1 kg)
• 13” (33 cm) long