AKUMA® Polyfix


5cm x130cm ITEM NO: AK28-1
10cm x 360cm ITEM NO: AK28-2

AVAILABLE IN TWO SIZES: 5cm x 130cm & 10cm x 360cm



The Polyfix bandage is prefect to have ready for when you need to strengthen a worn part before it breaks, or just to have around for when something inevitably breaks. The bandage can be used on everything from leaky pipes to a broken handle on a hammer. When the bandage has cured it becomes rock hard. It can be applied on to most materials such as steel, PVC, rubber, fiberglass, e.t.c. It is also resistant to most hydrocarbons, alcohols, aqueous salt solutions and dilute acids and bases.


1. Wear gloves. Remove the Polyfix Bandage from the foil bag*, immerse it in room temperature water for about 4-6 seconds and press 2-3 times; take it out and remove excess water.
2. Apply repair bandage around the damaged area, extending up to 50mm either side of the leak/break to ensure complete coverage. When wrapping, pull each layer tightly and firmly, using your hand to mould and squeeze the layers together in a tightening motion.
3 .Continue to apply pressure by this action during application and upon completion. Allow 30 minutes to cure.

*It must be used once the package is opened.

Impact toughness 30KJ / M2
Vertical tensile strength 12Mpa
Horizontal tensile strength 32Mpa
Initial cure time 7-10 min
Full cure 30-45 min
Thermal expansion approx. 1.9 * 10.3 per °C
The layers' peel strength 20N / 25mm
Working life 1-2 minuter*
Max service temperature 150 °C
Pressure resistance 15-30 bar (1.5-3MPa)**