AKUMA® Retract 50mm x 3m – Truck



Item No: AK 2”3m Lastbil

AKUMA® Retract is a brand new sort of lashing strap, designed to facilitate the lashing for both professionals and home users. You simply pull out the strap to the desirable length and then tighten it just like a regular lashing strap. You reel it in with the push of a button.
What’s special with AKUMA® Retract is the automatic reeling function and the fact that it only – unlike traditional tie down straps – consists of one part. This is a huge advantage, because it protects the straps from grease, dirt and wear and tear when it’s not in use which makes it last longer. Another positive aspect is that it’s much more manageable than having lashing straps lying in piles all over the place.

This tie down is specially developed for trucks with hooks that fits perfectly in the E-Tracks in cargo trucks.