Complete 24 pcs set, Item no: FXT-KITKMPLK12v0


At last, the perfect grip! Flexytool® prevents the rounding of nuts and bolts caused by badly fitting spanners. Flexytool® has the perfect fit thanks to its ability to encircle bolts precisely.

The Flexytool is available either as a 18 pcs set containing all available sizes (7-24mm), delivered in a nylon bag or in individual sizes.

Flexytool is the optimum tool for all mechanic jobs. With its ability to encircle bolts tightly, Flexytool gives the best possible grip on nuts and bolts even if they are damaged or rusted. Flexytool can also be fitted around pipes which invariably makes the job in hand easier. Thanks to its unique gripping ability, the same Flexytool can be used on both inch and millimeter standard measurements.

Certain sizes/models can also be used with the external Torx system. Flexytool is a Swedish product of the very highest quality made of top quality Swedish steel. This is “Made in Sweden” at its very best!

Is available in seperate size!

Size Item No.
7 mm BFXT-7K12V0
8 mm BFXT-8K12V0
9 mm BFXT-9K12V0
10 mm BFXT-10K12V0
11 mm BFXT-11K12V0
12 mm BFXT-12K12V0
13 mm BFXT-13K12V0
14 mm BFXT-14K12V0
15 mm BFXT-15K12V0
16 mm BFXT-16K12V0
17 mm BFXT-17K12V0
18 mm BFXT-18K12V0
19 mm BFXT-19K12V0
20 mm BFXT-20K12V0
21 mm BFXT-21K12V0
22 mm BFXT-22K12V0
23 mm BFXT-23K12V0
24 mm BFXT-24K12V0