Neji XL


Art. Nr: Neji2

A new and unique product especially developed for screw removal. Thanks to the
innovative design with both vertical and horizontal serrations, the Neji-saurus easily removes rusted, stripped and stuck screws, it’s also perfect for screws with tamperproof heads. Simply grip the screw head and twist.

Regular plier jaws are lined with horizontal serrations which makes the jaws slip when you grab and twist the screw head. Neji-saurus specially designed jaws generate superb gripping power, and the perfectly t serrations maximizes the friction with no slip.

This new larger version makes it possible to remove screws with Ø3-15 mm wide heads.

The teeth are in a wave pattern to make sure you get the best grip possible.

- Made in Japan – High Quality
- 204 mm long
- Weight: 300 g
- Screw head diameter: 3-15 mm
- Cutting capacity: Ø3.2 mm
- Material: Carbon Steel
- Ergonomic handle