Power Tack Tape


25mm Art.Nr: AK25-1
12mm Art.Nr: AK25-2
19mm Art.Nr: AK25-3


Double sided, transparent and extremely adhesive. The tape works just as well inside as outside, among other things because of its good anti-aging properties and unaected by ultra-violet light (UV ). It can stand temperatures between (-)40°C och (+)90°C. Can be removed without leaving a trace.

It has an utstanding capability in shock absorption and it plays an excellent role in vibration weakening The tape can be used on metal, glass, plastic, composite, sealed wood, paint and powder coating. It’s widely used in everything from glass lamination process as well as attachment of automotive exterior parts, to assembly of sign and display, mounting of badge and xing of vehicle panel.

Adhesive: Acrylic

Adhesive Colour: Transparent
Carrier: Acrylic Foam
Carrier Colour: Crystal Clear
Liner: Polyethylene Film (PE)
Liner Colour: Red
Width: 12, 19 or 25mm
Length: 10 meter