Plasma Cutters

Akuma® Plasma Pro – Cut100

Item No: AKC100

Cut100 is an extreme machine in a small package, with it’s ability to cut in materials up to 30mm.

Our plasma cutter is the perfect tool for when a gas weld can’t be used, since it only  uses compressed air. You can quickly and easily cut in both black steel (carbon steel), stainless steel and aluminum. Not using gas also means you save both time and money.

CUT-100 ignites automatically (the pilot arc) which provides a non-contact start.

Other advantages of a plasma cutter is including fancier kerf and  - thanks to lower heat generation –  the material which won’t twist..

Our plasma cutter cuts up to 1.8 times faster than conventional flame cutters.



  CUT-40 CUT-60 CUT-100
Power Voltage 1~230 3~380 3~380
Nominell inmatningskapacitet (kVA) 4.8 7.9 15
No-load voltage(V) 230 236 311
Current Range(A) 20-40 20-60 20-100
Rated output voltage(V 96 104 120
Duty cycle(%) 60 60 60
Efficiency(%) 85 85 85
Insulation grade F F F
Housing Protection grade IP21 IP21 IP21
Weight  (kg)
11 19 30
Size 460x270x345 480x205x355 565x285x520
Max Cutting thickness 12 23 30
Cutting width  1 1.2 1.4



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AKUMA® OF SWEDEN presents a range of tools for professional users with the demand for durable tools and the feeling for real quality.






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