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Item. No: AKMIG/MMA-180

The machine is suitable for a range of different purposes. With its advances IGBT technology the weight and size of the machine has been greatly reduced.
The welding voltage and wire feed speed is adjustable with easy-to-reach controllers, for the best possible result depending on the thickness of the welded sheet. The optimal steel wire to use is 0.8 mm but 0.6, 0.9 or 1.0 mm can be used. It can be used with a long extention cord, or with a generator on a construction site.

Load capacity     25%ED 180A/23V
Adjustment range     20-180A/12-23V
Wire feed adjustment range     1-12m/min
Open-circut voltage     15.5-42.5V
Power ratio     0.60 (180A/23V)
Operating effciency     0.81 (180A/23V)
Filler wires     Fe solid wire F0.6-1.0mm
    Fe cored wire F0.8-1.0mm
    SS F0.8-1.0mm
Shielding gases     CO Ar+CO − mixed gases
Max. size of wire wheel     Ø200mm
Temperature class     H(180°C)/F(155°C)
Dimentions     450x203x340mm
Operating temp. range     -20°C − +40°C
Protection class     IIP21

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