Speciality Tools

Ring and Gasket tools

Item nr:AK10

4 parts set

  • Newly designed product that removes the most stubborn o rings and gaskets
  • Perfect in tight spaces
  • Gentle to metal and do not repair polished surfaces
  • Setet comes with 4 tools in two different sizes with 2 different heads

1 x 21,5 cm (8-1/2) with contoured tip
1 x 21,5 cm (8-1/2) with spoon shaped
1 x 14 cm (5-1/2) with contoured tip
1 x 14 cm (5-1/2) with spoon shaped

About Akuma

AKUMA® OF SWEDEN presents a range of tools for professional users with the demand for durable tools and the feeling for real quality.






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