Some new products

We are happy to show you some of our new product, among other things a new larger version of the Neji-Saurus. Click on the pictures to read more about them!

Hex1 (1)



Neji-Saurus XLallaDemolition Blade


Several new products!

We have several new and exiting products to present this spring, including a pry bar with an adjustable head, read more about it below! Click on the pictures to get to the product.


The Seal and O-Ring Remover, for the most stubborn O-Rings or Seals, doesn’t scratch finished surfaces.


Extender that’s used with go-through sockets which allows the LED to light up the exact spot that the socket is to be used on.


This 2nd generation socket collector and organizer has space for up to 9 sockets and allows quick and eazy identication by style and size.


The Akuma Gear Bar is the perfect pry bar for any occation. The adjustable head can be rotated 180 degrees, in 8 different locking positions, that gives you the best possible leverage for any job. Is available both as a set of two (see picture below) or as a powerful extendable.



The blade is retracted with the help of the buttons on it’s side when it’s not in use,
which makes sure the user never has to worry about injuries when it’s not in use.


Among the shortest handles on the market, but thanks to the patented design, it’s also one of the most powerful heavy duty hand riveter out there right now.

Three new products!

Three new products has just arrived: Akuma Turbo Swivel Wrench, Akuma SnapLock and the Akuma Flip-Flap Disk System.
The Akuma Flip-ap Disk System has many advantages: since it lasts twice as long as a single disc (when one side is up, just flip it!) it’s both economical and more environmentally friendly. Available with three different grain sizes: 40, 60, 80 and 120


CLICK HERE or on the picture to read more about the product.


Akuma Turbo Swivel Wrench is a clever key, used for installing and removing screws up to three times faster. Thanks to the double leaded design and the removable sleeve, it’s possible to turn the key into an Z position, for super fast installation. Is available in HEX (6 pcs set), TORX (7 pcs set) och SPLINE (5 pcs set)

CLICK HERE or on the picture to read more about the product.



Akuma SnapLock can be used as straight up adapters/extenstions or – by simply pulling out the male end – as wobble adapters/extensions with a wooping 30 degree angle. The adapters comes in sets of 5, and the extenders in sets of 3.

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New Product

We’d like to present a new and exiting product: The Neji-Saurus. A plier specially developed for screw removal. Thanks to having both vertical and horizontal teeth, the Neji-Saurs gets an incredible grip around the screw head and makes it possible to remove screws that otherwise seems impossible.



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