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AKUMA® Tiger Bite Hex Remover 5 Pcs Set

Item No: A5

Tiger bite hex remover. Newly designed product to remove rounded internal hex screws/bolts. The tip of the wrench flexes and adjust to the rounded hex bolt and then locks so a grip on the bolt occur so it is possible to unscrew the problematic fastener.

Comes in a set of 5 sizes with space for the 7mm wrench that is used for disc brake bolts in most personal vehicles.

The sizes:
5mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10 mm
and then the extra size is 7mm (Item No A5 – 7mm).

A demo tool (Item No: A5 Demo) is available to easily demonstrate the
effectiveness of a Tiger Bite Hex Remover.

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AKUMA® OF SWEDEN presents a range of tools for professional users with the demand for durable tools and the feeling for real quality.






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