Item. No: AKMMA-160

A powerful machine in a tiny package. This welder, which is only 355x135x250 mm in size, is perfect for smaller jobs. The high inverter frequency has made it possible to reduce the weight to right about 6 kg. The small size and light weight makes the welder easy to carry with you.

Efficiency, energy saving, portable, stable arc, high no-load voltage, and with good compensation of arc force, are able to meet various welding requirements in field work. Thanks to the switching frequency being beyond audior ange, the noise pollution is almost eliminated. Can be widely used in acid and basic electrode welding.
Rated input voltage (V)     AC230V±15% 50/60HZ
Rated input power (KVA)     7.11
Rated input current (A)     31
Rated output     160A/26.5V
Welding current range (A)     10~160A
No-load voltage (V)     67
Rated duty cycle     60%@40 °C
Effciency (%)     85
Power factor     0.7
Protection class     IP21S
Insulation class     F
Size (mm)     335×135×250
Weight (kg)     6

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